Wednesday, August 16, 2006


If the diplomats are congregating for a lasting peace effort does this open the door for engineers to start rebuilding where the diplomats failed to begin with? I am really interested to see the progress and new developments that will take place in Lebanon within the next few years. I really wish that the political situation will allow the engineers to do their jobs and rebuild the infrastructure to better than it was before!

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Infrastructure destruction in Lebanon, a chance to rebuild?


Many of the areas affected by the latest violence in Lebanon were some of the areas with old and outdated infrastructure. Will this new wave of violence create a clean slate for engineers to update and improve the current infrastructure? I know this sounds morbid but what are the ramifications of war? Can we look at the situation and evaluate the good that could possibly come out of the violence? I for one believe that it sometimes take destruction to rebuild versus the slow neglect that is often seen. Sometimes it takes necessity to get the needed attention in some areas of the world. If the road is bad we don't need to fix it, if it is gone we need to rebuild it. From an engineering standpoint is this oversimplifying the situation?

Welcome to my rebuilding the Middle East blog

This blog will focus on the engineering challenges presented in the rebuildin of middle-eastern countries. It seems there is so much destruction but out of destruction comes restruction!

Engineers face many challenges, such as economic and social concerns, when having to repair and rebuild infrastructure destroyed during war and terrorism.